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A unique annual event made to inspire you to do what you love now. Speakers, Live Music and Rad Like-Minded people coming together to get inspired, share their dreams and celebrate livin’ life to the raddest.

SYDNEY 17 MARCH 2018 - Sold Out

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The purpose of #RadLivin is to inspire you to do what you would love to do now, rather than waiting for some point in the future. It’s a declaration to live an authentic, rad life. Whether that’s saying yes to going on an adventure that day, or to a dream that’s been sitting in your heart, it’s here as a reminder to do what you love, what completely excites you.

Picture it as a fun, inspiring conference, mixed with a rad, laid-back festival.

We’re bringing you down-to-earth, successful speakers who are doing what they love and passionate about inspiring you to do the same. Our speakers are from all walks of life and are as real and relatable as they come. You will hear stripped-back stories about how they went for their dreams and gain applicable knowledge on how you can do what you love too.

After the speakers, there will be live music and space for you to collaborate, meet like-minded people, share your ideas and have an epic time. 




Founders of Will & Bear

After life on the road, Lauren & Alex wanted a way to give back to their playground. Will & Bear, a unisex hat brand designed for adventure, plants 10 trees for every hat purchased. They’ll teach you about the power of collaboration, running a startup, and how building a community around your idea leads to success.


Founder of OceanZen Bikini

Steph’s mission is to save our ocean one bikini at a time. After leaving her 9 to 5, she  combined her passions for conservation and sustainability to launch Ocean Zen, a bikini line made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets. She’ll share the story of how she got started and teach you the mindset required for breaking out of the norm to pursue your dreams. 


Founders, World Travelers

Three best mates Jaxon, Elliott and Zac travel around the world documenting their eternal youth. They live in a world where every day is an adventure and leaping into the unknown is the new norm. They’ll share with you how they travel for a living, overcome the ups and downs of life on the road, and make the journey as important, if not more, than the  destination.

Founders of Down The Rabbit Hole

At a crossroads between starting a business or living a life of adventure, Elise & Dominec combined their unique visions to create a winery, Down The Rabbit Hole. You’ll walk away from their talk with clarity on how to combine passions in multiple areas of your life to create something that is uniquely you. 



Stefan Haworth transforms the idea that photography needs to be an individual pursuit and believes that collaboration is at the core of strong story telling. He’ll be joining Will & Bear to speak about their work together, creating through authenticity, and leaping before you’re ready. 


Adam Harpaz Music

The Byron Bay based singer-songwriter Adam Harpaz paints pictures of peaceful coastal living through heartfelt performances and lyrical integrity. He'll get you on your feet and grooving into the night. 


Hollie Col

Hollie's tracks are layered with honeyed tones and universal sentiments that’ll have you hanging on every word - deeming her the dawning love child of Vance Joy and The Lumineers that this world deserves. 

Sydney, NSW

Byron Bay,  NSW




Stepping into #RadLivin is like going on an adventure for the day that gives you the tools and inspiration you need in order to say yes to the things you would love to do. 

The day will kick off with talks from our speakers. They will feel like mates who have come together to share with you anything you’d like to know about following your dreams. It also wouldn’t be #RadLivin without feeling like you’re at a party. 

Following the speakers at around 3pm there will be live music that will get you on your feet and give you a chance to further connect and have an epic time.  



Rad people from around the world coming together to follow their dreams, while encouraging the person next to them do the same.

We know that when you’re doing what you love, it’s much more fun to have like-minded people around you who have your back. Come and meet other inspired individuals who are ready to go against the grain and do what they love.

We’re about forming genuine connections and having an epic time. Throughout the day there will be opportunities to connect, collaborate and celebrate this rad life.


A rad space decked with surfboards, fairy lights and special surprises.


249 Oxford St, Paddington - Sydney, NSW 2021

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We love the feeling of waking up after an epic day, whether from going on a road trip, attending a music festival or starting a new project. You're able to look back and picture it so vividly because you knew you were living in the moment. That’s what you’ll get from #RadLivin - an epic day, new connections, rad stories, and the knowledge and inspiration you need to do what you love now.


Admittance to the event (Must be 18+ to attend). 

Inspiration and actionable knowledge from unique speakers and industry leaders who are out there doing what they love, coming together to show you how you can do the same.

Rad spaces for photos - it will be like walking into an Instagrammer’s dream.

Snacks and beverages.

• Chance to win a a spot on Contiki's Southern India Trip.

Unique selected gifts. 

 Special guest, Dani Kirk, will share with you an epic opportunity to be a part of The Travel Project - centered around creative storytelling and discovering how travel has the ability to evoke positive change. Contiki is partnering up with content creators from around the world, working with them to explore the ways in which travel makes you a better human being.

A big thank you to our partners for bringing #RadLivin 2018 to life!

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